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Family Owned & Operated Since 1969

3 Generations and Counting

You better believe that we know metal!


1969 was when grandfather Pasqual Rodriguez stepped away from a secure truck driving job after the owner refused to increase his pay to $1 an hour. Confident in his knowledge of metal and work ethic, he began Comal Iron & Metals. Pasqual drove his red 1967 GMC truck throughout South Texas collecting metal while his wife, Rosie, worked in a small 10’X10’ building in front of their home buying metal and raising kids. Pasqual passed away at the age of 36 in 1972 leaving behind his wife and 3 children. Rosie, understanding the grit it took to sustain this avenue of business turned to her 18 year old son, Johnnie, and asked if he wanted to run the business.

With foresight and a lot of hard work Johnnie took the business over. Rosie continued working and retired in 1990. Johnnie’s soon-to-be wife, MaryAnn, eventually joined him and steadily grew the business and added two boys to their family. Working long hours by entrepreneurial parents meant the family business was where they did their homework and ate dinner. In the years when kids rode in the front seat and seat belts were optional, Johnnie Jr. and Roger played in old junk cars and went on joy rides on forklifts.


The Passing of the Torch

In January of 2005, Comal Iron had another tragic loss.  MaryAnn passed away due to cancer at the young age of 46.  And once again, the next generation was asked to rise in the tough times.  Still in their twenties, both Johnnie Jr and Roger continued the legacy and the dreams of their grandfather under the guidance of their father.  Since then, Comal Iron & Metals has become an international business, shipping material around the world while still maintaining the heart and drive of a mom and pop business. 


On any given day, you will find Johnnie Jr. and Roger along with their wives, and, oftentimes, their children in the office living the same values and mission that got this business going in the first place. Today, we continue to strive to create a family legacy while proudly serving New Braunfels and its surrounding communities.  

The Legacy Continues

Comal Iron and Metals purchases scrap material by the pound and trailer load, a true full-service facility open to individuals and businesses.  Scrap processing is one of the original “Green” industries and we were recycling before it was trendy to do so!  We are committed to keeping a clean, safe, and healthy environment for our employees and customers.  We believe recycling metal is a necessary environmental practice that is also smart business for you!

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