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Comal Iron & Metals will proudly help your organization create fundraising opportunities through metal recycling

Educating young leaders on metal recycling and money creation while protecting our planet is truly a win-win-win.  We proudly support schools, church groups, sports teams, and nonprofits fundraising efforts. 100% of sales go to your organization!

Set up an Ongoing Fundraiser

An ongoing fundraising is easy!  

  1. Contact us to set up an account.

  2. Get the word out. Social media.  Flyers.  Text Messages. Encourage people to look for metal to recycle and support you in this fundraising effort.

  3. Have your supporters  bring their metal to us and tell us that their metal is a donation for your group.

That's it! We track all the donations and we will cut your organization a check on the agreed upon date.

The most common things people promote are aluminum cans, heavy iron, and tin. Here’s why...

  • According to Earth911, an average employee consumes over 2 beverages per day while at work! This is a lot of cans that could be recycled for profit. 

  • Most households have metal to recycle that isn’t being used such as lawn mowers, rusty bbq pits, broken water heaters, old lawn furniture, etc.
Learn more about Fundraising!

Set Up A One Time Fundraising Opportunity

Set up at Metal Recycling Day to benefit your group! 

Rusted tin roof? Old refrigerator? Music instruments? Metal sports equipment? Most landfills charge fees for those things, if they even take them at all. This opportunity turns some serious spring cleaning into money! Every single cent goes back to your pockets! We track all donations and cut your organization a check that day!

Contact us to set up something today!  

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