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A Sustainable home is a sustainable future.

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Your Local Partner in Metal Recycling

SINCE 1969

Welcome to Comal Iron and Metals, nestled right here in the heart of New Braunfels, TX. We share your passion for environmental stewardship, and our mission is to make the recycling journey as seamless as possible for our community. 

A World of Recyclable Household Items

We understand that you're not just looking to recycle; you're looking to recycle right. Here's a list of common household items that you can confidently bring to our location.



From beverage cans to food containers and even aluminum foil, this versatile metal is highly recyclable and holds immense potential for reducing waste



A blend of copper and zinc, brass is often found in keys, faucets, doorknobs, and decorative pieces around your home.



While less common nowadays due to health concerns, lead can still be found in older pipes, batteries, and specific electronics.


Found in food cans, aerosol cans, appliances, and even furniture, steel is a durable metal that's well-suited for recycling.



Like brass, bronze is an alloy, combining copper with elements like tin. You'll find it in sculptures, decorative items, and hardware.



Tin-plated steel plays a role in food and beverage packaging, showcasing its recyclability



This essential metal finds its place in wiring, plumbing pipes, and various household fixtures. Its high market value adds even more reason to recycle it.


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Stainless Steel

From kitchen appliances to cutlery and cookware, stainless steel's durability makes it a staple in households.

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Often used as a protective coating on steel items (a process called galvanization), zinc can also be found in batteries and certain household fixtures.

Your Contribution Matters

We appreciate your continued efforts to plant seeds for a cleaner, healthier world through recycling. In the chaos of daily life, it can be a struggle to remember which of our consumables are actually recycleble. To support in your recycling efforts, we have created a printable chart to serve as a reminder of which household items are recyclable

(Perfect for the refrigerator!).

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Request Recyclables Pickup 

While Comal Iron and Metals does not offer a pickup service ourselves, we are blessed with a community of committed recyclers that are often thrilled to come by and pickup your hard-to-move recyclables. Request a pickup below.

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