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What we Accept


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How does recycling with us work?

want to maximize your payout-2.png

Watch this video and you'll see it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Comal Iron & Metals processes all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Are you looking to get rid of old stoves, refrigerators, frying pans, bicycles, rusty bar-b-que pits, or soda cans?   Are you a business looking to recycle in order to reduce disposal costs and add to your bottom-line?  Comal Iron & Metals turns your metal into money in your pocket while protecting the environment!

Ferrous Material

(These are metal items that contain iron and are magnetic)

  • Iron

  • Tin 

    • Fencing

    • Tin roof

    • Bicycles

    • Food cans

    • Appliances

      • Washers/Dryers

      • Refrigerators with coolants removed

      • Air Conditioners with coolants removed

  • Busheling

  • Plate and Structural Steel

  • Steel Turnings

  • Electric Motors

(do not contain iron and are not magnetic) 

  • Aluminum

    • Beverage Cans

    • Sheet Aluminum

    • Cast Aluminum

    • ACSR and Neoprene

    • Aluminum Extrusions

    • Aluminum Wheels (and chrome-plated)

    • Clean Aluminum Wire

  • Copper

    • Copper wire and tubing

    • Insulated, including holiday lights

  • Brass

  • Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys

  • Lead

    • Batteries

    • Soft lead

What we do not accept


 To maintain safety and to comply with federal and state regulations we cannot accept certain materials*.  

  • Hazardous waste (including asbestos)

  • Refrigerants, including CFSs and HCFCs

  • PCB containing materials such as capacitors or light ballasts

  • Liquids of any type

  • Radioactive materials

  • Flammable materials

  • Mercury / mercury switches from appliances

  • Tires

  • Paint Cans

  • Ni-Cad batteries

  • Street signs

  • Beer kegs

  • 50-Gallon barrels

  • Cemetery vases

  • Anything that is NOT metal ie:  garbage, glass, wood, concrete, dirt, plastic, fax machines, copiers, TV's.

  • Sealed containers such as fire extinguishers, propane bottles, and oxygen bottles

*This is not a complete list of materials we cannot accept.  

Regulated Materials


 Regulated material is tracked by the Texas Depart of Public Safety.  On September 1, 2015, a State law changed in regards to payment to the customer.  Customers will get paid by check for regulated materials with identification UNLESS you have an unexpired (Cash Transaction Card) with you.

A Cash Transaction Card is a form of ID  approved by DPS to receive cash payment for certain materials.  You receive this card by filling out short application at Comal Iron & Metals or online here.

This simple process begins with the application asking for the following

  • Your State Driver’s License or ID number

  • The address for us to mail you your Cash Card

  • A photo for your new Cash Card

  • Your fingerprint and your signature

Once approved, the Cash Card will be mailed to you.  Next time you are at Comal Iron, present it along with your State Driver’s License or ID and receive cash payments for your transactions.

Note:  Your Cash Card will need to be renewed every two years.  By law, we are required to pay by check if the Cash Card is expired.   Again, this is a statewide mandate of all Texas metal recycling facilities.  For more information see the Cash Transaction Card click here.

This law does not apply to the scrap iron or aluminum cans and can be sold without an ID.  

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