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5 Household Items That Can Be Metal Recycled for Cash

Updated: Feb 6

Facilities like Comal Iron & Metals not only make recycling easy, but also rewarding.

Recycling has long been a part of our daily routine, especially with the common use of blue bin programs for items like paper, plastic, and glass. However, when it comes to metal recycling, there's a significant difference – it can actually pay you! Metals recycling facilities, like Comal Iron & Metals, will pay you to bring in the household items you need to recycle. This means it is possible to contribute to environment sustainability while adding extra cash to your wallet.

Let's explore five common household items that you can recycle for money. We challenge you to look around and see how many of these items you have laying around your house.

Refrigerators (With Coolants Removed)

Your old refrigerator is more than just a bulky item to discard. It's a treasure trove of recyclable metal. However, before you rush to recycle it, remember that refrigerators contain coolants, which must be professionally removed due to their harmful environmental impact. Once the coolants are safely removed, your refrigerator becomes a valuable recyclable item. Comal Iron & Metals, and similar recycling facilities, accept these items and pay you for the metal content, making it a win-win for your pocket and the planet.

Old Tin Roofing

Tin roofing, commonly found in older homes, is a prime candidate for metal recycling. Over time, these roofs can wear out or get damaged, necessitating replacement. Instead of letting the old tin roofing take up space in a landfill, consider recycling it. Not only does this practice support sustainable resource use, but it also turns your scrap into cash.

Metal Fencing

Metal fencing, often made of steel or aluminum, is another recyclable item that can fetch a good price. Whether you're replacing an old fence or have leftover materials from a fencing project, don't let them go to waste. Metal recycling facilities accept these items and offer compensation based on the type and weight of the metal.


Bicycles are composed predominantly of metal, making them perfect candidates for recycling. Perhaps you have an old bike that's beyond repair or simply outgrown by your children. Instead of letting it rust away in your garage, bring it to a metal recycling center. You'll not only clear up some space but also get paid for the metal

Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers are often replaced due to upgrades or malfunctions. These large appliances are mostly metal and can be recycled for cash. Before recycling, ensure that they are disconnected from any power sources and that all water hoses are removed. It's an easy and eco-friendly way to dispose of these bulky items while earning some money.

The Benefits of Metal Recycling

Recycling metals like those found in household items isn't just about decluttering your home and earning some extra cash. It's also about contributing to a larger environmental cause. 

Metal recycling:

  •  reduces the need for new metal mining

  • decreases greenhouse gas emissions and saves energy

  • helps conserve valuable resources

  • reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills

The next time you consider disposing of any metal items, remember that they could be worth something.  By choosing to recycle these common household items, you're not only benefiting financially but also playing a crucial role in preserving our environment. So, take a look around your home – you might just find some recyclable treasures!

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